About Theta Brain Waves

Theta waves have a frequency of 4.7 Hertz (the micro-electrical measurement of the brain) and occur mainly in the partial temporal regions of the cerebrum. Theta waves most frequently occur in sleep and especially in Rapid EYE Movement or REM sleep. They are normal and quite active in children but seem to become lost in adulthood. Through the Six Steps and the One Command you are taught how to activate these phenominal brain waves again as part of your everyday life.

In addition to being a life coach I am also a Certified One Command (R) Practitioner. I will give you a brief introduction here and you can learn more about this process HERE. People are experiencing amazing results. It can be used to break free of limiting beliefs, manifest your desires, or physical healing. One Command sessions can be incorporated into our coaching sessions or they can be done as a stand alone session.

Even though the One Command process is something you can learn to do for yourself at home, a One Command Practitioner session takes it to another level of intensity and can help you get to the core of your issues and open you up for the transformations and manifestations you desire.

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In the One Command process you are making real changes in your neurology and biology. You will be consciously going into the theta brain wave and stopping the negative firing sequence of your  endocrine system that sends the chemicals of emotion along your neuro net passages. Once the firing sequence is halted the potential that already resides within your blueprint for success, health, wealth, and happiness can naturally rise to the surface.

There is much science available that explains and demonstrates the correlation between your thoughts, your language, and your DNA. As your Practitioner, I guide you to quiet the old firing programs and replace the negative voice with a neutral voice. In this way, any new potential may simply and easily rise to the surface to become the new prime directive of your reality.

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