Are my sessions confidential?

Yes. Just as they would be if you were talking with a psychologist or counselor (assuming they have ethical standards).

What if I need to cancel or miss a session? Do you offer a refund?

There are no refunds except in extreme cases. If you need to miss a session we can re-schedule for another day that week or simply move forward to the next week.

Can I just reach my goals on my own?

I don't know. Can you? Chances are you probably already have accomplished some goals in your life. But maybe the process has been hit or miss. Or maybe you do well in some areas of your life but not in others. As your Life Coach, I can help you focus on the areas you need help with the most. I can also hold you accountable and give you needed encouragement. I can testify to the benefit of having a coach. I feel that I have accomplished more than before. And I feel that my clients will too.


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