My name is Diana Meadows and I live in the beautiful state of 
Washington, USA. I'm kind of an organic,no-nonsense gal. I can
be compassionate and a good listener and at the same time I can
be very straight forward. I tend to see beyond the physical and I
like to follow my intuition on most matters. I like to hold my clients
up to their highest and best and see their great potential. I like to
move my clients out of problem consciousness and into solution

I'm a very spiritual person with a background both in traditional
Christianity and metaphysical or "new thought" teachings. I love
combining both and draw from both in my coaching/mentoring. 

Through a serious of revelations I was led down the path to become
a life coach and feel that this is in alignment with my spiritual gifts
and path at this time of my life. I love helping others to discover
their gifts, get clarity, release blockages, and achieve their goals.  

I am also a certified One Command Practitioner which is an amazing
process for helping you release limiting beliefs and activating your
creative intelligence. Based on the teaching of Asara Lovejoy. 
For more info go to my "other services" page.

I was trained and certified by The Life Coach Institute founded by
Dr. Shad Helmstetter who has a 30-year background of solid
research in helping people achieve.

Certified Life Coach/Mentor/Intuitive Consultant
Certified One Command(R) Practitioner
Certified Sacred Meditation Facilitator


email (at) lifecoachdiana dot ws